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Sunlight streaming through large windows of a home

If you live in Florida or any area that is susceptible to storms, chances are you’re in the market for hurricane windows. Also known as impact windows, they offer a simple solution that can ease all your anxieties and concerns pertaining to storm season.

Hurricane windows are made of a layer of shatterproof material, which is sandwiched between two sheets of tempered glass. If and when a storm hits, the impact is absorbed by the shatterproof material, preventing the glass from breaking. In contrast, regular windows not only crack, they shatter to pieces, which can then cause additional injuries and harm.

Are Hurricane Windows Worth It?

Value for Money

You might feel that hurricane windows are pricey when compared to their regular counterparts, but it would be unfair to compare such an investment solely on monetary grounds. When you think about it, hurricane windows offer much more value for money. For starters, they require a one-time installation and have sturdy framing. Not only do they offer protection from the elements, they are a testament to durability.

Noise Reduction

Hurricane windows come with added benefits as well. Because the frames around them are sealed tight, they play a role in reducing noise levels. The thick sheets of glass protect against harmful ultraviolet rays whereas sunlight through regular windows has been known to cause sunburn.

Other Benefits

Hurricane windows also keep heat out of your home, which will ultimately help towards a reduced power bill in the long run.

Even their maintenance does not require more than regular windows; a little soap and water should do the trick!

What’s more, installing hurricane windows increases the value of your home. This is definitely something to consider especially when residents of areas prone to storms are interested in purchasing houses that come with storm protection.

Misconceptions About Hurricane Windows

There are certain misconceptions when it comes to hurricane windows as well:

They’re Expensive

This comparison is not justified because regular windows do not offer even half of what hurricane windows promise to. The benefits are manifold wherein you get increased security, block UV rays, and reduce noise.

They Just Look Good, and Are Not Functional

Think again. Bearing in mind the primary and secondary benefits of hurricane windows, they embrace functionality on multiple levels, unlike regular windows.

Impact Windows Are All the Same

While high-quality windows with a Design Pressure Rating of DP50 (50psf) are designed to handle strong winds, there is absolutely no guarantee they will be able to withstand flying debris. Even though some windows come with storm protection labels, they don’t offer the same level of protection as hurricane windows.

Impact Windows Do Not Offer Protection

Yes, they do. Hurricane windows are tested against strong winds, making them a great option against storm protection.

Overall, hurricane windows can be a great investment for homeowners in Florida, offering significant protection against temperamental weather conditions. If you’re looking to refurbish or remodel your home, it would be advisable to install hurricane windows so you’re prepared for future storm seasons.

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